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Some have small upturned snub noses, others have wide noses, some have narrow noses, some noses stick out more than others on side profile. Some eyes are round, some are almond shaped, one is slightly down turned at the outer edges. Some have fuller lips, some have heart shaped lips, some have wider lips. The smiling or frowning are expressions, but the differences are more than that. I find it hard to believe that this cannot be accomplished with the current models as they are via animation and texturing.

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lv borse outlet gif NovaDarkStorm12 22 2013, 10:01 PMWelcome ozy be. Morfyboy03 16 2013, 12:10 PMcheers guys. But a Succubus is supposed to be a sexual creature, so I can at least see the justification for SOME skin. But apart from all that stuff, the art design on this unit is stunning IMO. It all works together flawlessly I think.

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